8 April 2010

The mobile revolution

Some techies will claim the real mobile revolution already happened years ago, but I can't help noticing how new mobile applications are popping up every day now.
Since my primary interest is Social Media, I couldn't miss the Social Media applications recently launched by the most popular online social networks.

The latest Blackberries are sold with the Facebook application already installed. If you missed it, it can be found here.

LinkedIn recently launched a full set of applications for Blackberry, iPhone and Palm operated cellphones. Other phones can still use the mobile site http://m.linkedin.com

The real mobile networks like Foursquare of course run 100% on their applications. Foursquare has developed apps for Blackberry, iPhone and Android. (They also have a mobile website in case you don't have a smartphone)

Xing even recognizes mobile devices and sends you directly to the mobile portal.

Ecademy doesn't have a mobile application ready yet, but they are working on an iPhone app to be launched soon.

Feel free to add links to other Social Network applications in the comments below !