5 October 2009

Why you should Twitter

Whenever I talk about Twitter to Social Media novices, they never seem to really get the point of why they should be active on Twitter. And answering them the obvious "Because that's where the conversations are taking place" doesn't really seem to hit the spot.
This morning, after reading an interesting roundup on Twitter by @LouisGray, it suddenly came to me.
The best way to prove to novices that this thing is not going to go away, that it's definitely here to stay ... is the fact that it already found it's way into our everyday dictionary of words. And yes, I'm guilty too. Whenever I want to change my status updates, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media website ... I also say "I'm going to Twitter this"
Whenever a brand reaches that stage that everyone starts using it to name a product or an action, it's solid gold. From my childhood years I still remember everyone using the word 'bic' for any ballpoint pen. It was almost like Bic owned the rights to the name of any ballpoint pen in the world.
In more recent years we have all started using "I'm going to Google this" whenever we wanted to search for something on the Internet. And because everyone already started using "to Google" in their everyday language, competitors don't have a serious chance anymore.
Congratulations Twitter ... You have made it to our everyday language too !
Let's Twitter this ;-)


  1. Is there a software that would help in twittering, facebooking and blogging (wordpress, ecademy) from a single place? Obviously, with the right consideration to each system's limitations.

  2. On the Internet you will find a lot of multi-posting tools. I use Ping.fm to broadcast my status updates to all my profiles.
    Some people choose to have separate streams to have separate updates for social and business profiles. Nevertheless you should log in to every website to take part in the conversation.