10 August 2011

Anarchy in the UK - Impact for Small Business Owners

I absolutely know that there are deeper problems involved in these riots and some problems need to be handled with a structural solution. However I feel the deepest sympathy for those small business owners who see their stores trashed, destroyed or even robbed empty. These small stores which we all love to visit during our travels to the UK aren't multinationals with large bags of money. These stores are owned by hard working self employed people who followed their dream and opened a small little store of their own. In best case they even provide work for a few more people.

This kind of violence and destruction of other people's property is something that I just can't agree with. A lot of these businessowners will have to close their stores and horrible times will start for them and their families. Even if their business survives, it will cost them multiple years of hard work to cover the loss and finish the paperfight with their insurance companies. It's already known that lots of things are probably not even covered by their insurances (theft of stock, intentional fire, ...).

I do know that a lot of these rioters see this as their only way to get attention, but by using criminal acts they loose respect. I hope most of the victimised store owners will be able to survive and re-open their store to continue their dream. (Photo: Reuters)

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