7 July 2011

Mixing Business and Pleasure with Branchout

Facebook is still the Nr. 1 Social Networking website where almost everyone is reconnecting to old friends and sharing holiday pictures with friends and family. The website has close to no competitors when we look at the free available communication tools and user friendlyness.

Many clever companies have tried to insert applications for business networking in this great platform but only few have succeeded (more or less)

After months of comparing I decided to give Branchout a try and up until now I'm actually very happy with the results.

Compared to the 3 degrees of networking that are included in your LinkedIn network, Branchout limits your network to the first and second degree. The most obvious tools are included, such as a personal profile, messages, endorsements, ...

Because of the very "we are all friends" nature of Facebook, people are very likely to endorse and recommend each other what actually makes this "professional network within your friends network" very valuable. Conclusion : Branchout is definitely worth a try !


  1. I think many social networking sites in the search engine but some most important site available like facebook, twitter, digg, stumble upon, Google buzz, linked in, delicious, etc. Socialkik.

  2. wow nice blog and i like this article YouTube is the video-sharing site that almost everyone has seen. The videos are shared online, the key words are added so that people can search for these terms or the Socialkik title.

  3. I agree Branchout is a very effective application to use on Facebook.